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The Illinois Festival that Could!

For the first time in print, author Anita Whalen shares insider information of the Mozart Blooms in Woodstock chamber music festival’s ascent from the brink of closure to the heights of artistic achievement while coping with the repercussions of the 2008 economic downturn. A personal account of the most unlikely circumstances, along with details of how an arts organization can refocus itself, makes this an intriguing exposé for those inside and outside of the industry. Vignettes of famous and not-yet famous artists on the rise, colorful descriptions of personalities, events, and experiences capture the reader’s interest and imagination during this fast-moving, uplifting journey of elevated classical music performances.

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…throughout the course of the evening, I had heard how wonderful the Mozart Festival was and how much “people love it.” I knew the board was determined to proceed with the sixth season. I also knew how desperate the situation was. The organization was operating with a $15,000 deficit. As I weighed the opportunity in my mind, I thought, “I can do anything for a year.” Early and often, that thought would be put to the test…

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